Special Order Policy

Wiedmann Bros Distributing Co. is proud to offer products from some of the greatest brands the industry has to offer, sourced from all over the country. Some products you will find offered on our website are custom made to order items which are not regularly stocked. When an item falls under this criteria it is considered a "Special Order Item". Due to the custom nature of these products, Special Orders are typically non-cancellable and payments are non-refundable once an order is confirmed, in production and/or delivered. A  25% deposit is required on all special orders. Wiedmann Bros. reserves the right to deny return of such goods. 

• Special orders require a 25% deposit upon placement of the order.

• Once production has begun, the deposit becomes non-refundable. In addition to the 25% deposit, the dealer will be

responsible for any applicable shipping charges/fees charged by the manufacturer to WBDC.


When an item is considered Special Order it will be clearly depicted on the product page in addition to a lead time if available. All lead times are estimates only based on the average turnaround time for the product in question and may vary. Wiedmann Bros. will do everything in our power to obtain your product within the quoted timelines however, Wiedmann Bros has no control of actual production timelines from the manufacturer or other outside influences which may occur. Special Orders are non-cancellable and non-alterable due to delivery delays. In the rare occasion timelines are not met, we do our best to ensure our customers are well informed and up to date on the updated timeline & ETA. 

Most special order items will adhere to a 2-4 week turnaround from the order date.  It is typically 2-4 weeks for the product to be manufactured, and another 3-10 business days for delivery. Some manufactures may have a longer lead time and you should speak to your sales representative or contact us for more info.

In the event that your item is delivered and is damaged or otherwise not in the condition expected know that Wiedmann Bros. has you covered. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for more infor or contact us should you require assistance.

Disclaimer: All lead times are estimated based on standard expected lead times and are provided to the customer as a service. Wiedmann Bros. cannot control the actual, real world lead times and thus they may vary at the manufacturers discretion. Lead times are provided as a service to our customers, calculated based on historical arrival times and may vary.

Wiedmann Bros cannot be held liable for orders which differ from the standard turnaround times. By placing your special order, you accept and understand that the delivery time may differ from the average 2-4 weeks or the time listed on the product page. 

Special orders are non cancellable and non alterable due to delivery delays. 

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