Tractor Cab-Enclosure for New Holland TC35 ,TC40, TC45, T2310, T2320, T2330, Boomer (3040, 3045, 3050) with Folding Rops and Existing 52" x 66" Fiberglass Canopy - Black
New Holland TC45DA with N2 Fiberglass Canopy

Tractor Cab-Enclosure for New Holland TC35 ,TC40, TC45, T2310, T2320, T2330, Boomer (3040, 3045, 3050) with Folding Rops and Existing 52" x 66" Fiberglass Canopy - Black

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  • 138 bonded thread creates very strong seams
  • Water proof durable fabric
  • Ability to modify fabric for add-on implements without fear of fabric tearing
  • #10 delrin high quality zippers
  • Installs in 20 minutes or less
  • Custom fit for your tractor
  • Sliding side doors easily opened for side to side ventilation
  • Tractor cabs require no drilled holes for installation
  • Comes with FREE Storage Bag

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Measurement from top of Fender to top of ROPS
<div>Our tractor cabs are the&nbsp;best-in-class for craftmanship, materials and unique features. We simplify all of our cab enclosures patterns&nbsp;to minimize the chance for errors. The cleanable durable materials will give you many years of enjoyment. The tractor cabs unique all season ventilation system and sliding side&nbsp;doors are firsts in the industry.&nbsp;REQUIRES CANOPY - FIBERGLASS TAP SERIES RECOMMENDED. The fiberglass canopy acts as the support structure for all of our cab enclosures no other frame work is necessary.       <div><span style="font-weight: bold;"><br></span></div><div><div style=""><span style="font-weight: bold;">Tractor Cab Enclosure Storage Bag</span>&nbsp;All&nbsp;tractor enclosures&nbsp;come with a tractor cab enclosure storage bag and paper or foam which should be reused between the glass to protect it from scratching during storage of the cab enclosures. The bag zips shut with a #10 zipper&nbsp;and is light weight and easy to handle.</div><div align="center" style=""><br></div><div align="left" style=""><span style="font-weight: bold;">Tractor Cab Enclosure Sliding Doors</span>&nbsp;Our custom tractor enclosures&nbsp;come with a sliding door which does not have to be removed from the tractor but instead can be slid back on the slide tracks into the area behind the seat where the fender. The door can be quickly opened and closed&nbsp;by either&nbsp;using Velcro or zippers and slid back and forth for&nbsp;additional ventilation or access in and out of the Tractor Cab . Each Velcro flap can be rolled out of the way so it does not impede into the zipper area when zippers are used. This patent pending design is unique to our cab enclosures and makes for a user friendly experience in not having to find a location to store the door.</div><div align="center" style=""><br></div><div style=""><span style="font-weight: bold;">Cab Enclosure Engine Collar</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;The&nbsp;tractor enclosure&nbsp;engine cowling is surrounded by an elastic pocket that is used to seal the area around the engine and prevent air leakage into the tractor cab .</div><div align="center" style="">&nbsp;</div><div style="">&nbsp;</div><div style=""><span style="font-weight: bold;">Visibility</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;Our engineers focus on maximum visibility and due to their knowledge of driving tractors incorporate&nbsp;the optimum locations to include glass. We review both front and back operation and light positions so it is safe for on road driving. The triangular reflector is the responsibility of the user since in some applications the tractor cab enclosure will cover some of this feature.</div><div align="center" style="">&nbsp;</div><div style=""><span style="font-weight: bold;">Ingress and Egress</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;The doors are designed for maximum entry and exit from the tractor cab . The storage of the doors on the sliders make this a engineering challenge on some tractor models. We do everything it can to support the largest opening it can for the user. Easy Velcro or zippers can be used to close the drivers door for quicker access.</div><div align="center" style="font-family: Verdana; font-size: 11px;"><br></div></div>                    </div>               

30-45 Minutes

2-4 Weeks

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