Southwest Ag, Inc. (SWAG) announces that effective May 1st they will introduce their sales and marketing partnership with Wiedmann Brothers Distributing Co. SWAG RMX Turbo Kits will no longer be sold dealer-direct and WBDC will be their primary North American distributor. This arrangement allows SWAG to further develop, manufacture, and produce top quality turbo kits and accessories, and allow WBDC to continue to focus on servicing the consumer with the highest quality aftermarket accessories for Kubota brand utility vehicles and tractors. With the introduction of the Kubota RTVs in 2004, SWAG foresaw the need to make adjustments in their performance to compensate for the local 7,000-ft altitude. The company considered it vital to make sure the units operated efficiently at over 12,000 ft. The initial intent was only to compensate for the high altitude. The first generation of kits did exactly that; but upon extensive testing, these modfications worked exceptionally well at much lower altitudes as well. SWAG second-generation kits perform even better, are easier to install and cost less. Other benefits include: Great power at all altitudes Adjustable Wastegate Stainless steel construction Professional technical support Installation of the new RMT Turbo kit is offered from many Kubota Dealers in the US as well as Canada with a target installed price of around $3.000.